Monday, February 02, 2009

I'm back into working with the coach on the personalized plan - today was the first workout from him of '09 and my reaction to Alan's plan was "What is he thinking!"

The workout was:

10 x 1SL(quick change)
2 x 2SL(quick change)
8 x 1SL(quick change)

where 1SL is one minute pedalling with one leg and 2SL is two minutes. NO WAY I could do 2 minutes single leg pedalling, I wasn't sure I could do 1 minute. I phoned Alan to confirm that he did indeed want me to do this and to explain to him the absolute impossibility of it.

But, brave and disciplined triathlete that I am, I set out to try my very best to do this insanity of a workout, knowing that failure would be an undeniable result but I would adapt and soldier through. And then I did the workout. As written.

One day in and I've already lost all credibility.

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Alan said...

I won't say "ITYS" A.