Monday, February 09, 2009

Training Interupted

Tonight's spin isn't going to happen. I got a call on my way home - my friend, sounding very quiet, asked me what I was up to and if I could hang out with her. Oh s#!#, she's been dumped was my immediate thought. One of those times that it sucks to be right.

My dealing with the freshly dumped solutions are alcohol and/or ice cream, neither of which are likely to be wanted so I've settled on dinner and renting a really dumb movie (Tropic Thunder). Maybe not the best solutions but my friends are almost as chronically single as I am so I'm not very practiced at this. Maybe getting her to pick up the food wasn't terribly sympathetic?

So, apologies to the men out there but tonight I will likely be cursing all mankind and listing off your shortcomings and failures as a gender. I don't really mean it!


Amy said...

boys suck. lets throw mud pies at them.

Alison said...

Way to get in the spirit!!

Boys do suck but Tropic Thunder is hysterical, even if it does have boys in it.