Saturday, January 17, 2009

Which way to wimp out?

So the snow is pretty much gone and I can finally ride outside now - I hate the tedium of trainer rides so this is fantastic news!

But ...

It's 2 degrees (C) outside. Not quite freezing but still way too cold for an enjoyable ride, no way I want to go out in that.

I've spent the morning waffling, trying to decide which is the lesser evils - I'm feeling too wimpy to dig up the perserverence to do a trainer ride but too wimpy to head out into the cold. I may have to brew up another cup of coffee and read one more chapter in my book before I make the final decision.

Follow Up
By the time I finally got myself psyched to ride I looked outside and the fog had lifted for the first time in three days. The choice was obvious so I layered up and headed out.

It was great to be off the trainer but definitely chilly. When I was near the furthest point out I lost feeling in fingers but happily had some uphill to get my blood pumping. The plan was to go 1:20 and I was close at 1:16, it was too cold for me to bother looping around the block for four minutes so I ended it there.

After coming in I was so focussed on warming up (made coffee and a hot lunch) that I sort of forgot to stretch. Eventually I'll get back into the swing of things and remember all these key details of training.

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