Monday, March 16, 2009


Despite the fact that for the last week the average temperature in Vancouver has been at or below freezing I have spent the last seven days dying of allergies. What kind of stupid plants bloom in this weather!!

Just for fun, because allergies alone are so 2008, I have a mild sinus infection. Yay me!

I've never been great at getting out of bed and when I feel like I'm suffering from the worst flu in world it's even harder. Both Saturday and Sunday this weekend it took a serious effort of will-power to drag my sorry butt out of bed. After the standing up spins died down and I got a bit of water and breakfast into my system I felt more like it was just regular ol' flu, maybe with a dose of strep throat thrown in. It was not the death's door experience I had when my alarm went off but it was certainly not something that left me fit enough to exercise or, for that matter, to leave the house.

By the time I got my bike set up or my swim bag packed and I was heading out the door it was more like a nasty cold, limited risk of it leading to pneumonia but definitely something that should be coddled with warm tea and chicken soup, not a workout.

Half an hour into my bike or swim I felt fine (except for trying not to be lapped by Joanne & Kristina in the swim) and forgot how miserable my morning was. On Saturday I had a great 2.5 hour ride with some folks from the club, followed by a short brick run. I was pooped when I was done and allergies came back in full force in the evening but a batch of crepes with raspberry jam, lemon and sugar made it all okay. Sunday was an awesome 3,100m (3,200?? I didn't count) swim workout with an 1,800m main set followed by 1:15:00 run. Once we lost all sight of the fast folk on the run our group's speed became reasonable and we had a nice LSD pace run. I had a couple of kids from the club over for brunch as my crepes craving was still strong - with various contributions it turned into an impromptu feast.

Ignoring the first couple hours, both days were great! My coworkers don't understand why I come into work when I'm sick only to turn around and go home 30 minutes later - it takes me about 2 hours to figure out if what's killing me is allergies or a virus.

Hopefully the early start to the allergy season means an early end!


Amy said...

Sad.... no crepes for Team Pink. I'm gonna pout now.

Alison said...

If you run with me you get the perks!

No worries, unless I OD sometime soon (unlikely) there will be more crepes. Usually when I get a food mania it takes about two weeks to run it's course so there is still time.

Right now I'm craving savory crepes with asparagus and goat cheese - that may be dinner tonight.