Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to it?

I had a decent ride yesterday, 1:15 when my schedule called for 1:45. I got cold and a bit tired so decided not to run afterward. When I'm coming back from an illness I'm always torn as to whether I'm taking the smart route or being a wimp, hopefully yesterday was the former!

Today's swim was time trials. A long warm up then 100m free, 50m kick and 1,000m free. I had low expectations, especially for the short stuff, but did okay:
100m free - 1:35
50m kick - 1:01
1,000m free - 19:33

I was shocked by the 100m time - I really didn't think I'd be under 1:40 considering the state my lungs are in. I'm thinking Lord Byng is either a short pool or the YWCA is long as I've only ever once been under 1:40 in Masters (of course we do two sets of 3 x 100m on TT day so maybe I don't go as hard?). The kick set hurt start to finish but a minute is pretty decent for me. The 1,000m was a bit slower than I would have been happy with if I was totally healthy, I'd like to be able to hold a 1:55 per 100m pace, but as swimmeister Bronwyn did 19:03 I'm thinking that goal might be unreasonable!

In non-training news - I had a fantastic afternoon at Joanne & Torbin's yesterday. Joanne threw an open house to celebrate Torbin's 40th and I headed over with the triathlete wave of party goers and, in typical me fashion, stuck around for most of the day. It was great to see a bunch of the ulti folk I haven't seen in ages - you stop looking for a couple years and they start to reproduce!

Today's post workout routine was coffee and a bagel-wich with Marie & Michelle at Solly's then a nap. Now I'm onto the laundry part of the weekend - live the excitement!!

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