Monday, March 16, 2009


It's pretty awesome to have a variety of friends with a variety of interests and experiences: it keeps conversations interesting, I can add to my store of little known facts, and I can get advice on all number of topics.

Say, for example, I needed to know the best way to create a ceremonial headpiece, why I'd call up sistersola. Or if my life depended on knowing something about bioinfomatics (like, what is it?) I would shoot penneydog's Mom a line. And if I somehow lost my life by not knowing about bioinfomatics, well then Captain Pants could figure out how it all went down, who was to blame and whether or not anyone gets a settlement.

So yesterday when a prospective roommate who seemed like a great fit in all categories except for one looked at my place, I took a lifeline and called friend. "Captain Cactus," I queried, "what does a hockey player who lives in an apartment do with their stinky gear?" "Not," I was quick to add, "that I am implying or in any way suggesting you currently have, previously had or ever will be in possession of stinky hockey gear." From his answer I deduced that a hockey player could share an apartment without 1) stinking out his roommate or 2) ticking off the other residents.

Yes, I have a Stinky Hockey Gear Consultant. The best thing about friends is they don't charge consulting fees!


Captain Cactus said...

I do charge ... I'm just easily bought with "failed cupcakes"!

Alison said...

Oh dear - what if the next batch doesn't fail?? I'll try my best to mess them up!

penney said...

Ooo, does this mean that you found a room mate? Yay!

Alison said...

No response. I actually emailed him to follow up and no response.

I'm starting to get seriously ticked off with the outright rudeness of people and think perhaps a place by myself is what I need.