Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock My World

I am in possession of a $50 iTunes card and really, really want some new music but don't know what to get. Just to be annoying, I seem to have different taste in music from the majority of my friends which means 1) I can't raid their CD collections and 2) it's hard getting recommendations. Not that I don't like my friends' music, I do, it's just that the tunes that really rock my world don't tend to do it for my friends. For example, Beirut and Devotchka may be a little too much tuba for most people.

Happily Jason generally comes up with great suggestions for me. Today he suggested I check out this. Wow, some seriously interesting artists.
I want to work through this list the way people read through the Pulitzer and Noble Prize winning novels lists. I actually own a few of the albums and there are bunch I've been meaning to check out (Neutral Milk Hotel being one) but the majority are new to me or artists I hadn't really considered before.

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