Sunday, May 03, 2009

Deja Vu?

So another post talking about how I'm getting back into training after being off sick. Hopefully I stay healthy and don't have to write another one of these for a long, long time!

The last week was a total wash as far as training went, I didn't do anything more energetic than pack and walk to/from the bus. As the week went on I kept feeling better and by moving day I was feeling pretty good but by that point I had a move to deal with so two more days of no workouts.

I went for a ride yesterday, I felt okay on the flats but any hill was tough. It felt like my lungs had shrunk! Craig (UBC rowing coach) assured that it'll take just over a week to get my lungs back to normal.

Today's swim was a nutty workout but it started well. We did six sets of:
- 100m with band (a.k.a. Alan's trying to kill us)
- 100m with pull bouy
- 100m free
- 100m free
- 100m free

The intervals for each set were based on our long distance pace - the first set was our LD pace plus 45 seconds, the next LD plus 35 seconds, the next LD plus 25, then 15, then 5, then 0. Craig and I decided our LD pace was 2:00 so the first set we went every 2:45. I could hold my pace for the first three sets but started falling off in the 2:15 set then had to give up leading the lane (Justine should have been in front anyway, it took wacking my toes for 100m to make her do it!) on the 2:05 piece. I picked it up a bit for the last set but it was tough.

Normally I'm all about the pacing and this would be frustrating but today I was just happy to be in the pool and completing a 3,150m set.

The run was hard but I was expecting that. My HR was way to high for most of it but I was enjoying running with the group. Alan has me getting back into the swing slowly so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.

And how about the move? It went well. Paying for movers and someone to clean my place was totally worth it. I even managed to find someone to take all my boxes!

My Mum came out for two days to help out, having her there made a big difference. She did more lifting than I had intended but she's hard to stop! By Friday I was almost entirely unpacked and as of today I just a have a few boxes waiting to be sorted. I need some furniture (TV stand, shelving, etc.) so I have space to put the rest of my stuff. I'm also looking for a futon couch for my office so I can have somewhere for guests to stay. Know anyone looking to get rid of one?

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