Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The first rule of East Van ...

I've been in my new place for five days and I'm wondering when I get my copy of the rules. Or, considering the political leanings of many of the denizens here, perhaps it's a manifesto? Regardless of whether it's a manifesto, guidebook, contract, etc. I know there has to be some sort of 'Rules of Living in East Vancouver', with a specific section dealing with not telling the rest of the city how cool it is.

C'mon, how else is it that there are so many incredible little parks, pretty houses, crazy gardens, wicked bike paths, neato stores and no one tells the residents of the sunset side of the city? Couldn't possibly be that the West-siders ignore their Eastern peers!

Until I get my copy of the rules I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about the great running track around Trout Lake, all the Co-op cars super close to me, or the bike route I discovered yesterday that could quite possibly be the coolest in the city (down by the tracks and the docks no less, who'd'a thunk it?). Oh yeah, what about New Brighton Beach Park - a beautiful outdoor pool hidden out of view close to the Second Narrows - can I talk about that? Someone in Safeway yesterday even spoke to me in line then let me go in front of her because all I was buying was an onion (when would that ever happen in Kits?) - will that treatment stop if I spill the beans?

So, until I know what I'm allowed to say I guess I'll just have to not say anything at all.


Amy said...

Once you figure out all the little secrets I want a tour. But would I have to exchange my West side dollars for East Side ones??? Does the water swirl the other way when you flush the toilets???

Alison said...

We should do a ride to Deep Cove (I can get you TO the bridge, not necessarily on it though. I'll figure that out next.), brick run around Trout Lake, then brunch on the Drive. The only problem, aside from getting on the bridge, is picking which pastry place to go to.

I can exchange your West side dollars for Monopoly, er, East Side money, I'll just have to check the rate of exchange. And don't forget your passport!

tnosaj said...

I'm glad you can keep a secret.

I'm also glad you have the strength of character to avoid a Fight Club thingy when talking about The Rules. "The second rule of East Van living is you do *not* *talk* about East Van."

Obviously, I lack such backbone.

tnosaj said...

Oh never mind. You did, in the title. I feel better; I'm not alone.