Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm back! And bailing on workouts already.

I finally made it out to a bike workout last night - my first outdoor w/o on the bike all year.

It was also my first outdoor bike w/o heading from my new place so I gave myself lots of time to get there. For the record, it takes significantly less than an hour to get from my house to 4th & Highbury.

I thought I was well prepared as I brought leg warmers and a Buff to add layers in case I needed them on the way home and wore gloves. Leaving the house I figured the gloves would be too much in about five minutes and that I would be overheating. Instead I was chilly most of the way out, a light drizzle didn't help matters much.

The workout was hill repeats - the out of shape and/or recovering from racing/plague crew were to do two repeats of a steep hill (as opposed to the wall of doom the fit folk climbed) then two to four repeats of Spanish Banks hill.

As we road to the hills (doom & not-quite-doom) the rain went from drizzle to downpour and I was enviously eyeing clubmates' booty covers and rain jackets.

Doing the second not-quite-doom hill repeat I was thinking how stupid it was to be cold and soaking wet when I was recently recovered from the plague. Then I thought of biking home in the gloom when I didn't have adequate lights on my bike for long ride home. Poorly prepared and recently recovered - not a stellar combination. At the top of the hill I figured it wasn't my night and headed for home. (Apologies to the riders behind me who ended up following me several blocks out of their way before they figured out I was bailing.)

It was frustrating and a bit of a waste of time but entirely my fault for showing up unprepared.

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Nicole said...

No worries on the Wednesday monsoon. I to, was unprepared & thinking what drives myself to bike up hills repeatedly in crazy rain. I am glad you like EVAN : ) Happy Tuesday : ) ~Nicole~