Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Blues

I normally get a bit cranky come December. I've always chalked it up to too much spending, this being a particularly rotten time to be single (stupid romantic comedies and all the couples I know being totally busy with couple stuff*), and that I'm mulishly stubborn so if you keep telling me I have to be jolly then, darn it, I'm going to be cranky!

But now that I hardly ever drink more than one beer or one glass of wine in one sitting**, or one week to be honest, I really notice the negative effects that too much drink has on me for a day or two after. As I'm a total lightweight "too much" is, sadly, anything equivalent to 2+ beers. Also, I have a pretty healthy diet so when I'm eating poorly I can definitely see that it makes me sluggish and generally down.

So, to sum up, January to November I have a decent diet and a very low alcohol consumption then bring in December and suddenly it's lots of red wine, whatever those drinks the Gisels were serving, sweets, high fat everything and cheese, cheese and more cheese. And I wonder why I get moody?

To avoid the Christmas blahs, therefore, I need to eschew all the Christmas goodies and excess. Or, in true endurance athlete fashion, spend more of the year building up a tolerance. Surviving December is all about pacing, having a solid nutrition and hydration plan and having a strong base of training. Really, I'm going into Christmas like someone trying to do an Ironman straight off the couch, I need to put some work in to make sure this race, I mean season, doesn't destroy me.

Obviously I need a better plan for Xmas 2009. (Not sure what the brick workouts are going to be but I'm sure they'll be ugly!)

*This is not a dig at my couple friends. They have twice the obligations I do - two work functions, two (sometimes more) families to deal with, two groups of friends to try to keep up with - I understand. In fact I bet they occasionally look at my schedule thinking that the grass is way greener (not sure how they can tell under the snow) on my free and easy single side of the fence. Hmm, am I explaining my point or just digging this hole deeper? How about I drop the shovel and walk away. Hey look everyone - shiny things!!

** Team Pink functions are exceptions.


Amy said...

I hear ya! I had my work function on Saturday (haveing worked friday night to 11 and Saturday until the party at 8:30) and did NOT pace myself correctly. Might have been the champagne cocktail... or the martini... or the champange. Maybe it was the 1st, no make that 2nd... 3rd... ok 4th glass of wine or you could credit the sherry or the port for the upset tummy that plagued me the next day and followed me to Brian's work function where I stuck to water. And held my stomach the entire night. And ate enough spinach filo things and smoked salmon (mmmm salt) to make anyone ask the dreaded question... sigh.

So what are you doing for new years? Or at any point after the 22nd? Wanna come over?

Alison said...

Yikes! Girl, you need some serious Xmas training for 2009. We'll get you started in June, that should be enough time.

Remember, don't put down an Ironman effort when you only have a sprint base!

Claire Thompson said...

Your post has made me feel a lot better. Ever since the tree hit our house I was feeling bad for eating poorly, drinking more than I should, and not exercising. I can now say that I was just training for Christmas '08! "Sorry, can't join you for that brisk walk, I'm in training." "Carrot sticks?! I mustn't--I'm trying to set a PR this Christmas". I really do feel better now, thanks!

PS Just because you're not staying at my house this Christmas, doesn't mean the boys won't come over and wake you up nice and early--you're going to really wish you'd put more effort into your training. Hey, is that evil laughter I hear in the background?

Alison said...

Claire - If the boys are waking ME up nice and early that means someone else had to get them up, dressed and out of the house. Hmm, I wonder who that person would be? I'm sure they're getting up waaaay earlier than me!

Evil cackles right back atcha!