Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's all about the layers

It's been cold, cold, cold on the Lower Mainland the past few days. The evening news on Thursday was all abuzz about the blizzard* that was going to hit on Friday but luckily most of the region was spared.

I wanted to get myself out for a Saturday ride and decided that waiting until the afternoon would mean there'd be less chance of frost. Oh yeah, and I'd get to watch the NBC Ironman Hawaii coverage.

I intrepedly left at 1pm and was out for ten minutes before I realized I had the wrong gloves on. Now I'm all for toughing it out through the cold and all that but I really do like to be able to work my brakes when I'm cycling. I got as far as MacDonald Street before I decided to pull the plug and go home, making my ride a grand total of 25 minutes.

Once I got back, rather than change gloves and keep going I put my bike on the trainer and for just over an hour I spun watching men's Super G skiing on CBC. Sports are great to spin to - lots of action to keep you interested and you generally don't need to hear the TV to figure out what's going on.

The predicted snow finally showed up last night, meaning that this morning people bailed left, right and centre for our run. I was actually all kitted up and about to head out the door before I thought to check with the rest of the folk to see if they were coming. Happily Dave and Irene were still in so not only did I have people to run with but I got a very, very yummy brunch afterwards. The brunch was great, in fact I think I need a "I ate too much food" nap before I can get anything else done today.

The run in the Endowment Lands was lovely - very few people were out, everything was very pretty and the snow hadn't become packed down and icy so it was easy to run on/through. I had just the right amount of layers and was actually a little too warm at the end.

A good weekend so far and there's still one Christmas party to go, guess I better get that nap going.

*"Blizzard" in Vancouver terms means more than 2cm of snow falling in a 12 hour period.

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