Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No Tickets

I put a bid into the lottery for Olympic tickets (on the absolute last possible day, of course!) with my fingers crossed, sincerely hoping I'd get tickets and be able to watch all sorts of lovely sports live.

I mean, c'mon, it's the OLYMPICS! I love the olympics. Can you imagine living in the city where they're going on and not going to see it live?? I was so excited for a chance to watch.

Then reality started to sink in. The package I'd signed up for would cost me $900+ and my back up package was $800+. I wasn't quite so excited about having to pay that as I was about watching. Especially as I've been Christmas shopping and the annual December draining of my bank accounts is well underway. As I came to the realization that a grand is a lot of money I started to think that, really, TV coverage would be more than enough for me - no lines, lots of information on what's going on, cheaper food, I could even watch in my PJ's. Way more convenient!

I surreptitiously uncrossed my fingers and started to nervously check my credit card balance.

I'm sad/glad to report that I didn't get tickets. Sad that I won't be involved in the games (I didn't sign up to volunteer either as the time commitment was a bit too much) but glad I'm not starting the new year with an extra $900.00 in debt.

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