Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Run in the Snow

I decided this morning that I had to at least try to go for a run, either that or go absolutely stir crazy!

I layered up - wool socks, Sugoi sub-zero tights with wind breaker pans over top, Sugoi wool shirt under my club cycling jersey, $0.99 stretchy gloves, a Buff to keep face warm from the nose down and, finally, a toque to top it all off. Sadly my toque doesn't have a big pompom, or any pompom at all, so I missed the chance to look like I was trying to be ridiculous (sort of the winter equivalent of the ironic trucker hat).

I was warm enough when I got outside and when I was running with the wind I didn't need the buff over my face.

Running was interesting. Here in the 'Wack they don't get the build up of snow that the rest of the Lower Mainland does because it's so windy the snow doesn't get much of a chance to settle. It does settle in places so the roads alternate from totally bare to somewhat covered to blocked by snow banks. It's a bit annoying to run in as I couldn't get a consistent pace.

The wind was nuts too, it took a lot of effort to move forward when running directly into the wind.

Finally, most of the roads were pretty snowy and dangerous - I didn't want to go on main roads because of the traffic but sideroad were almost impassable.

Despite all the above, it was a fun run. I didn't go very far but it was great to get out of the house and I feel a bit more sane having gotten in a decent workout.

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