Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Best laid plans ...

It was a fun idea, sadly my execution was lacking.

The idea was that Amy, photo-a-day co-conspirator, and I would take a picture of ourselves taking pictures of each other.. Fun idea but my picture was blurry and the flash did bad things. Here it is anyway:
My other idea, to get a picture of the admin side of things at the start of the club, was at least in focus but it was too crowded and there wasn't enogh time for a good shot.

So, today's picture is my "safety shot" from this morning - pre-swim. I swim again on Friday but won't take another picture involving a swim cap (should have been my January theme!). I do have an idea for Friday's picture, hopefully it turns out.

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Amy said...

Aside from being the best phone I have EVER had (I have mentioned my ring tone? BANANAPHONE!) my iPhone aparently made me into a half decent photo taker (not calling myself a photographer yet). So that's an added bonus.

Your photo is evidence of the fact that I need to learn to pose for cameras. I am not in fact a 180lb cylinder of a girl I weigh a lot less then that and have curves. Not that you can tell ANY of that in the photo. So blame the subject not the taker for that one. And I had the better angle for my shot. And the magical iPhone camera.