Sunday, January 10, 2010


The first 90 minute swim of the year! It wasn't as painful as last year's first, I recall looking at the clock after 45 minutes and the dread sinking in as I realized we were only halfway through.

Today wasn't so bad largely because there was a fair bit of talking before hand (swim ettitquette, coach introductions, etc.) so we lost 15 minutes of swim time. The main set, however, was appropriately brutal. : 8 x 100m on 2min. After 45 minutes of warm up, including push ups, crunches, vertical kicking and 5 x 50m kick, this was a bit tough.

I tried taking some pre-swim shots but the lighting was poor and they didn't turn out. I'm sure Amy will be very happy about that. (Apparently there is a rule that I'm not allowed to take pictures of Amy. I'll review the official "365-2010" rulebook to see about that!).

So here are some shots from the end of the run. As I can everyone survived, which is always a bonus, and we all looked pretty satisfied with our workout. My shot of the day is final shot.

The post-run stretch.

Deb showing off her slick ner running style, Chris stretching and Clayton ... we won't ask.

A little blurry but I like the composition.

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