Sunday, January 24, 2010


I went to the later swim today - we have so many people we now have a 7:30 and an 8:45 session. Last week I was a keener and went to the "fast" session at 7:30 but as my bussing options are pretty lame (1 hour on transit - boo hiss) I figured I'd try the later session today. I'm on the cusp - slowest of the fast and faster of the slow - and can do either so for now I'll stick the later swim.

Alan wants us to write down the stuff we need to work on immediately after our swim otherwise we won't remember by the next time we swim. I have enough trouble getting to the run on time so that's not going to happen! So what he wanted me to work on was ... um ... slower but stronger kick and more time gliding on my side. Yay! I remembered.

The run was a bit tough as we had a couple of speed demons running with us who pushed the pace and, of course, everyone tried to keep up. Not exactly an easy pace but I got in 1:20.

I didn't have an opportunity to take a picture so today's picture is a "cheat." I chatted with Cassandra on Skype and her very loving (i.e. hungry) cat decided to give her some affection to remind her it was dinner time. In this screen shot you can see the cold calculation in his eyes "If I make her think I love her she'll give me food!"

Anyone know how to change a .png file to .jpg so I can put this in my Picassa 365-10 album? Photo programs don't seem to like .png.

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