Friday, January 08, 2010

Complaints (for Kathryn)

I mentioned in my 2010 goals post that I was trying again to do the Complaint Free World challenge of going 21 days without complaining.

Foxtrot, one of my loyal readers (I have at least three), thought it sounded like a good goal and is in on it too. Pretty challenging since she's working full time while going back to school - she should have lots to complain about!

One of the ways to help notice when you complain (step 1) then stop complaining is to wear a bracelet and move it from one wrist to the other every time you complain. Last time I tried this I used a rubber band, not the classiest way to do things I'll admit. The official bracelets look like this.

If I was going to upgrade from a rubber band, however, I wanted something a little more elegant. Which leads us to today's photo of the day and my suggestion to Kathryn: Isn't this challenge a good reason to buy jewellery??

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