Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swim, run, sight see?

Today was time trials day in the pool. Seemed ominous but wasn't actually that hard as we had lots and lots of time to rest.

My times, if you care to know:
50m kick - 58sec
100m free - there was a dispute between the gun time (Alan) of 1:40 and the timer's time (Dave) of 1:36
400m free - I only timed the second half (3:45) so I have no idea! I'll ask Alan
Everyone is on an easy week but as I only have three weeks and one more long run until the Langley half marathon I ran for 1:35. Irene was happy to run further with me so I had some company and, equally important, someone who knew the trails. Six years and I still have no idea where I'm going!

I was pretty spent after my longest run in half a year but had made plans to check out some of the free Olympics stuff with Helen so instead of passing out on the couch I had a quick shower and snack and headed out the door. I wore compression socks though in the hope that might be as effective as an ice bath.
Today's photo is of a sculpture from Canada Northern House (well worth the time to visit):

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