Monday, February 01, 2010

Attention Deficit ..... OOOOH SHINEY!

I was trying to take a macro shot of my keyboard. After messing with the keyboard angle, fighting for the right focus and figuring out the lighting I finally got the shot I wanted but the extreme close up showed every speck of dust on the keyboard.

I dug through my box o' computer bits and found my dust blower and rotary cleaner (stocking stuffer from several years ago). The blower worked, and holy cow was there a lot of dust on my keyboard, but the rotary doohicky seemed to have dead batteries.

I figured I must have batteries somewhere but couldn't find any so tried to take the ones out of the blower to put in the rotary thingy but couldn't get the case open. I gave up and pushed the button one last time before putting it away and guess what? It worked!

That got pretty much all of the dust off my keyboard, the rotary whatsit is a pretty nifty toy. And it looks sort of cool too. As it seemed that I'd left my camera out, I took a picture.
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