Friday, February 05, 2010

Banner day

Sorry for the pun but I'm tired and feeling unorginal. I'll also apologize for all the spelling and grammatical errors that I'm sure I'm about to make.

Today I got back to swimming on Fridays. I quite enjoy a swim with no coaching - I have three coached sessions a week so it's nice to get in the pool and just swim. I did 2,000m continuous, with 5 stroke accelerations off the wall and drills every 200m, a good way to keep it interesting. Add on 100m of back and breast at the end and I was out in well under an hour.

One thing with always swimming in a group is that I forget about all the crazy people who swim. When I showed up the lane was absolutely full with either slow swimmers or people with no real clue, plus one decent swimmer who had a look of resigned forebearance. Suffice it to say it was an interesting 20 minutes (after which the crowd thinned considerably). Even "angry fins and paddles" guy showed up, always a banner day when that happens.
Aside from the crazies it was a good swim.
I had dinner with friends who live just over the Cambie Street Bridge so I walked over so I could check out BC Place and the Athletes' Village.

I like the blue on blue on blue (on blue, if you also count my blog wallpaper). I need to figure out how to flip this photo, however, so I get the mirror image and you can read the writing. Sadly the lighting didn't work nearly as from the other side.

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