Thursday, February 04, 2010


My day started off with this view:The picture doesn't do it justice, it looked like the city was made of burnished gold.

Then at work I received a suspicious looking package. I opened it to find this:

My mother knit me a beautiful scarf and couriered it out so that I'd be able to wear it while it's still somewhat cold outside and so I'd have red to wave around during the Olympics. She's great!

A nice start to the day.

Then I went to the track workout.

The workout was 3 x 1 mile on 8:45 (as in you go every 8 minutes and 45 seconds, if you finish the mile in 7 minutes you get 1:45 rest, if you finish it in 8:30 you get 15 seconds rest). I could have gone in the 10 minute group but figured as last year I got close to breaking 7 minutes when I was at my fittest that I might survive.

The first mile was hard but okay - 7:35. The second mile was tough but I managed to descend (go faster) - 7:30. The third mile was a disaster. Two and a half laps in all I could think was "Kaboom!" as I blew up. 7:52. I really should be careful with explosives what with all the security in town for the Olympics!

I guess this is the price I pay for taking four months away from the run.

However, as I had butter chicken before the run (dairy + running fast = BAD) I'm a considering the workout a victory as my dinner stayed down.


Claire Thompson said...

Another great motion shot with the car lights--cool!

Alison said...

I think I set my shutter speed to slow, which is giving me cool effects with cars but making everything else blurry. I have to figure out how to undo it!

Penney said...

That scarf is awesome!

Alison said...

@Penney - So's the knitter!

I can get you the pattern if you like.