Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day at the Olympics - Highlight Real

Executive summary of my day with Mum:

  • Early start at the cauldron (lots of pics from the fence)
  • Checked out lots of long lines (Cdn Mint, zip line) for things we opted to miss
  • Checked out Robson Square sans crowds
  • Picked up curling tix
  • Lined up to view the cauldron from the viewing area. Took about 20 pics, none as good as the ones I took from the fence!
  • Found more long lines (200 ppl at Russia House two hours before it opened, no thanks) and discovered, at 10am, that most of the houses open at noon.
  • Right to Play House was open and full of kids - fun.
  • Introduced Mum to babka buns at Solleys. I couldn't get her to commit to whether she liked them more than their cinnamon buns.
  • Went to curling and watched the Canada women beat Sweden 6-2.
  • Checked out Robson Square with crowds.
  • Watched "Mascots on Ice" solely to get a picture of Sumi for Oscar. One-year old crying for Miga, sort of cute but mostly creepy ("Meeeeeeeega")
  • Saw the line for Irish House. Didn't go in.
  • Visited Live City, saw more lines for houses we didn't go into. Watched a bit of Canada vs. Finland womens' hockey on the big screen.
  • Took the ferry to Granville Island - saw the ridiculously long line for Atlantic House. Got lots of second hand smoke in the process, good thing we don't have to go through doping control!
  • Dinner at Noodle Box

Photos (more to come when Mum sends me hers):

My best cauldron shot. Not taken from the viewing platform!
Apocalypse Now moment (very happy not to hear Ride of the Valkeries).

Maison du Quebec - didn't open for another two hours.

The Sochi Teletubbie.


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