Monday, February 08, 2010


I was extremely tired and extremely cranky today, a result of my blow up on the run yesterday, so I'm treating myself with roast leek.

It's pretty and tasty but you have to rinse it very well as there tends to be lots of dirt in the crevices.

Despite being cranky I managed to have a decent swim this morning. I wasn't sure if swimming four days in a row would kill me but I seemed to have a good workout. We worked on pull, with lots of fist swimming. The last piece was supposed to be 400m with a 25m sprint every 4th length. I decided, however, it was going to be a time trial. I did the 25m sprints every 4th length except that when I hit 300m I went all out for the last 100. I didn't tell Mauro, who is usually the same speed as or faster than me, as I knew he'd stick to my feet regardless of what pace I held. I was trying to make him blow up (and to get a good 400m time), which is mean but I know he'd do the same for me.

Oh yeah, my 400m time was 7:10. I'm somewhat impressed with myself!


Kathryn said...

I'm concerned that you consider "roasted leek" a treat. Seriously? I think your "cinnamon bun french toast" is a much better "treat"!!! : )

Alison said...

I LOVE roasted veggies! Wait 'til I wax poetic about roasted carrots. I also love chocolate, cinnamon bun french toast, good coffee, greasy take-away chinese ...

How long til dinner??