Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching Up

A note from the coach this week:

"The final days of hard week should be mentally tough and have you spending some time thinking about throwing in the towel after the last few workouts. If you breezed through it with a smile, fully stocked fridge and neatly folded clean laundry you may need to work harder (or write a book about your secret!)."

My fridge is bare, the laundry pile is demanding the right to vote (if it allies with the dirty dishes I'm doomed) and my backlog of pictures to post is huge. Nice to know I'm doing things right!

I've been doing all sorts of Olympic things but I haven't mastered art of the quick shot, or even the non-shakey shot, so sadly no good Oly photos.

My fridge may be empty but that doesn't stop me from thinking about food:

On Tuesday I went to a event at Canada's Northern House put on by the Northwest Territories. The food was lovely, even when mispronounced (Arctic Char was offered to us as something sounding very close to "artichoke"). Above is a platter of house smoked muscovy duck breast, bison bresaola, muskoven mipkuzola, and venison salami. Apparently the North is not a good place for vegetarians.

Just before going to bed on Wednesday I realized I hadn't taken a picture so snapped a shot of the first colourful thing I could find.

When I said I had no good Olympic shots I lied, I have one good shot. But I didn't take it:
Helen caught the torch in motion out at UBC last night. She used my camera - does that count for anything??

I'm anticipating the answer is no so here is a list of all the things that can kill you in Helen's lab:

That brings us to today. I could see the torch procession from my office but couldn't get any decent shots through the glass. A stunning number of people were downtown. I was expecting the crowds but it was exceptionally strange to be on the skytrain first thing in the morning (6am, I swam before work) with people who were happy and excited to be heading downtown. Madness!

So instead of a torch relay photo I'm posting a picture of the second most amazing thing I saw today.

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