Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Crosstown Traffic?

Unlike Amy, I decided to take a picture of BIG things today (she's doing small stuff for the whole month).

Lots of big stuff in town what with the Olympics coming. Most of it is advertising:
I think we officially have to call the city McVancouver-a Cola for the duration of the games.
There's also some very conspicuous (and very big) displays of patriotism:
Of course coming up with an idea for a theme means that my favourite photo today had nothing to do with it.

Traffic in front of Vancouver Film School. A litte busy but I like the fact that I was trying to take a picture of a cool building and got a neat effect by accident.

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Claire Thompson said...

Your last photo is way cool! You really should consider using your Flickr account to post your photo a day. Others in the group check out your photos and comment leading you to their cool photos etc. It's been a really good experience.