Friday, January 26, 2007

Change of Plans

Joe Dixon is making life difficult! He went and organized a race at Cultus Lake the day after another race I really wanted to do, leaving me with the following dilemma:

I could do the Bare Bones Duathlon on the 12th in Penticton, get a chance to go over part of the IMC course and have a visit with my sister and nephews.


I could do the new race by Joe Dixon at Cultus Lake on the 13th, get in an early (and cold) Olympic race, spend less on travel and have a visit with my parents. The added bonus would be that my parents would get a chance to (and have no excuse not to!) watch me race.

Much as I would love the bragging rights I'm pretty sure I couldn't manage both, at least not without getting hurt. (Maybe a goal for next year.) (Doing both that is, not getting hurt!)

The Bares Bones duathlon was a great race last year but Joe Dixon does a bang-up job on everything he's involved with so I expect nothing different from this race. Normally the family visit is the deciding factor but no, this is sister and nephews vs. Mum and Dad. Technically, Penticton outnumbers Cultus three to two but there's some seniority to factor in here. Financially I save on travel costs with Cultus Lake but the race is more than twice as expensive as the Bare Bones was last year so it largely evens out. I want to familiarize myself with the IMC course but don't want to wear out my welcome with family there.


Unable to decide for myself I let the coach do it for me. Cultus Lake, here I come!

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