Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Early Morning Run in the Snow

This morning was the usual early morning run routine - hit the snooze button as long as is logically feasable. Decide not to run and to sleep in instead. Mentally kick myself as I should run, I need to do it and I'll actually enjoy it once I got started. Continue the me vs. me battle until I'm so awake that I don't have much option other than to get up and get on with it. Grab my gear, stuff down some sort of easily digested foodstuff and then walk in increasingly agitated circles trying to find something (usually it's on my head or in my hand). I'm sure there's an easier way!

We'd had another snowfall overnight, although not quite the 10cm that was predicted, and it was still going at 6am when I finally got out the door. The world was white and quite and beautiful. For the first half of the run I barely saw anyone and my footprints were the first to sully the snow. Even though it was snowing it was definitely warming up so the ice that had been so treacherous for the past few days was soft and not slippery at all.

I had three people getting into their cars on their way to work feel the need to comment on my dedication or to question my sanity. I'm so used to living in Kits where runners are as ubiqitous Not that I minded the attention!

Despite this being such a fantastic run, next Tuesday will still involve the same tussle to get up and out the door!

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