Monday, January 29, 2007

Steveston Ice Breaker 8km Results

My offical time for the Ice Breaker was 41:30. The full scoop is:
209 41:30 3198 Alison Thompson F3034 15/37

Not sure how I ended up in the 3034 age group unless the organizers do age as of race day instead of age as of December 31. Should I ask them to correct this? Would I rather be 12 out of 26 or 15 out of 37?

My watch time was 41:13, there were no timing chips and a slow moving crowd at the start so I'm going to go by the watch time rather than gun time. As I was aiming for 41:20 I'm happy with my run, especially considering I had an insane side stitch at about 6km that I had to walk off and that was almost bad enough to set off an asthma attack. Teresa, whose race strategy was to stalk me, almost stopped because I looked so distressed (the distress was 95% about missing my target time and only 5% due to an impending inability to breath). Once I got back running I spent the rest of the race chasing down Teresa who, annoyingly, seemed to go faster when she wasn't behind me.

I think Teresa and I had a positive split but I wasn't smart enough to hit my watch's lap button at the 4km mark. I recall remarking that we were at 21:something at the turn around, but I also recall that we sped up considerably after hitting the 2km marker at 10:30 so that could be wrong. I'll see if Teresa has a more accurate recollection.

My HR was high the whole way, except for when the monitor wasn't working properly, then it was a relaxed 89. As per usual for a running race I ratcheted it up to ridiculous heights - hitting a high of 201 and averaging 179. I only really felt I was going too hard in the last 2km so I think that's just a normal racing HR for me. Alternatively, I may have the heart of a 19 year old (the calculation for max HR is 22o minus your age).

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