Saturday, January 27, 2007

Race Prep

Conventional running wisdom is that you should spend the day(s) prior to a race making sure you're well hydrated and not, for the purpose of example only, imbibe no liquids other than very strong coffee over a six hour period and, in the process, get dehydrated.

If I have a PR race tomorrow I'll have a whole new pre-race routine!

Okay, back to earth now. Tomorrow is not about setting a PR but about pacing. (Repeat that until it sinks in, please.) I'm going to aim for a negative split without starting too slowly. My PR for a 10km from a triathlon is 50:10 and for run only is 51:07 so I'm going to aim for a little over 5:10 minutes per km for an overall time of 41:20. I think. I've had far too much caffeine today to successfully do math.

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