Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 mile time trial

Time: 23:13

Splits: 1st mile 7:52, 2nd mile 7:42, 3rd mile 7:40

Avg Pace/Speed: 7:44/mi, 1:56/lap, 4:50/km

It was wet and cold and rainy and I was tired and cranky and feeling like last week's cold was coming back for an encore. On my way to the track I decided to go in with low expectations, this workout was going to be more about toughing it out than setting a record.

At the end I was very surprised to be so close to the time of my last 3mi TT, considering how I was feeling 12 seconds slower is a totally reasonable time.

For the first mile it was a real challenge to stay focussed, I kept having to get the mantra "I'm going to die, I'm going to puke, I'm going to pass out" out of my head. It had a great rhythm so this was tough! I did manage to wrestle my thoughts into a more positive vein, thinking " head up, engage the abs, drive with the knees, catch Joyce, head up, shoulders back, pass Doneen" etc.

The second mile felt reasonably okay and I could relax and be comfortable in my running form, but the last mile was hard. I was given a kick for the end when Doneen passed me just before I finished lap #11 and I spent all of lap #12 trying to catching her. Keeping pace (almost) with someone who runs a sub-4 marathon is a nice boost to my ego.

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