Monday, April 23, 2007

Call to Action!

I want my parents to set up a blog for their photos so I can 1) see them as and when I please and 2) show them off to other. Yes, those are thoroughly selfish reasons but blogging is easy and their pictures are great.
Here are some samples of my Mum's recent photos from Steveston. Loyal blog readers (all four of you!), feel free to add your voice for the call for the Thompson photo-blog (Thomphoblog? blotoson?)!

Stained glass window in Steveston

Finn Slough


penney said...

I'm trying to think where that stained glass would have been in Steveston. My guess is in the Prickly Pear.

Also you should tell your Mum that there was a piece about Flat Stanley in our local paper. I should cut it out for her.

Amy said...

I like photography blogs of people who take interesting photos. So there's my vote.