Friday, April 20, 2007

Delta Tri

I had high hopes for tomorrow's race then got hit by a seriously nasty cold yesterday. I took antihistamines in the morning as I thought it was just bad allergies. After 20 minutes at work I realized that this was not an allergy attack but a particularly ferocious cold, with a side order of migraine headache.

A five hour nap, Cold FX, a heavy dose of garlic, and snoozing through a whole bunch of hockey games seemed to help. I've gone from thinking I wouldn't race to deciding to race but take it easy to realizing I'm not going to happy with anything less than 5 minutes off last year's time.

I think I need to take a remedial goal setting course!

That said, looking at my times from last year and my UBC times, I think it's doable:

2006 Delta sprint:
Overall time: 1:31:40
S – 700m 15:26
B – 20km 49:03
R – 5km 26:41

2007 UBC du:
R – 25:06
B – 44:43
R – 26:08

I should be able to match the UBC bike and run#2 times and I think I can average 2min/100m in the pool, which would put me on target for a 1:26:00 or 1:25:00 time. I could also over do it and bonk, which would kind of embarassing as this is a sprint.

Stay tuned for race results and post race commentary!

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