Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Week In Review

Last week was a tough week, guess that's why the call it the hard week. I'm three days into my recovery week but only now starting to feel recovered.

What have I been up to?
My masters swim was on hiatus so I made up my own program this week. Worked on sculling and pull finish on Monday and on Wednesday had a lovely (except for one tempermental moment) swim, doing 1500m continuous plus some shorter warm up and cool down pieces.
My pilates class on Easter Monday was cancelled but I managed to do a workout at home that hurt as much as anything the instructor's ever come up with (that's not how it's supposed to go!).

Wednesday's club bike workout was very tough. We did 5 x 4min pieces all out uphill. We were supposed to do it in decreasing pace lines (first time a pace line of 4 riders, next time 3 riders, etc.) but we had some issues with speed matching and Erin and I ended up doing a two person pace line for the first three then raced each other on the last two. This was followed by 10 x 1min all out on 30sec rest.

Thursday's run session was also hills. We did 6 x1min all out uphill (deja vu anyone?) on 3min active recovery. The hill was pure, unadultered evil - it started out steep and got progressively steeper the higher you went - I swear the fast folk way ahead of me must have been scaling vertical walls! After that we did 4 x 5min at race pace on 3min recovery. We were supposed to do five pieces but Andrew took pity on us and cut it down to four. Despite that it was still a long hard session, one of those "What did we do to make the coaches hate us this much?" workouts.

Saturday was also tough, I should know better than to try to keep pace with Joanne for a day! We did a great club ride out to Horseshoe Bay (or close to it) then a run. After which I headed out to Steveston and went for a walk in the bog with Penny, Gus and friends. The hour walk knocked the stuffing out of me! Although it was worth it to watch Penney going nuts in the mud.

Sunday's swim was all about pacing. It was a good workout but I was frustrated because I couldn't finish it. Nobody finished the workout, not even the speedsters, but I'm seriously anal retentive in the pool and if it's written up as the workout, darn it I want to finish it! Maybe I need to work on that? The run was nice, although I went a little fast (168 HR is probably somewhat high for an LSD run!), my calves were sore from the walk the day before and I forgot how long I was supposed to run so made it up on the fly, bascially a typical Sunday at the end of a hard week.

My challenges for the coming weeks will be dealing with allergies and hockey playoffs. Wednesday's game went to FOUR overtime periods and ended way after midnight - Stanley Cup season is going to kill me! Antihistamines and lack of sleep make me a bit of a nutcase but I'm trying to limit the carnage.


penney said...

Hey Alison,

Way to go, girl! It sounds like a great week of training to me. You're way ahead of the game!

Regarding your quote, "I should know better then to keep pace with J for a day" -- sometimes I feel the same way! Ha ha.

You should have seen me on Sunday. After roasting a chicken, making soup stock, eating, cleaning my bike, walking with Leah and her Mum, wine and cheese with Rob, Jenna, Leah, and Avalon, picking up Torbin from the ferry, picking up Leah's friend from Kits, etc, etc, I found myself sitting on the couch with my feet WAY UP enjoying the quiet of a full house after everyone went to bed. My weekend whirlwinds are good fun. You're welcome to join me anytime.


Alison said...

If only we could hook you up to a generator the global energy crisis would be solved!!