Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ticky Tacky Tiki Tour Ride

Saturday's weather was spectacular! Beeeeooootiful sunshine, nice breezes, no rain, not too hot - perfect riding weather.

I met the group at Cuppa Joe in Kits. We rode past scenic Kits Beach, over historic Burrard Bridge and then had the opportunity to admire the ocean view from the English Bay side - the harbour dotted with tankers and sailboats and Vancouver Island visible in the distance. We then went through the jewel of the city, Stanley Park, and over the iconic Lions Gate bridge. From there we took Marine Drive out to Horseshoe Bay and then up the Highway to Cypress, stopping at the first lookout to admire the view then turn around and head home.

As I ticked off the list of great Vancouver places we through or past I felt like we could have sold tickets to tourists as this was the perfect "why Vancouver is awesome!" tour.

Aside from the above, other highlights included:

  • Stephanie made it over Lions Gate Bridge (huzzah!)
  • My new bike computer worked
  • I felt strong and relaxed throughout the ride
The ride stats?
Duration: 3:35:42
Distance: 81.60 km
Top Speed: 63.??kph

After the ride I did a 35min run. Not my best run of the year but considering I'd done my first real climb of 2007 I was pretty happy with how my legs held up.

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