Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crazy Swim

This is the nutty swim course for the Cultus Lake Tri - for the Olympic race we have to do this twice! Not so good for those of us with an impaired sense of direction. I can go straight all day but make me start turning and I'm lost!

At least swimming is the one thing I've managed to do this week. I seem to be seriously low on energy and dedication, so far having missed a run and last night's ride. My sister is in town so tonight we're going for dinner and I'm missing the 32km time trial. Training-wise I think this week is a write-off, I'll take what I can get from it and get back on track next week.

In the way things tend to work in the world of tri training, a bad training week coincides with a great social week. "Coincides" might be the wrong word, it implies there's no cause and effect relationship going on. I've had a great week catching up with all sorts of non-tri people: my friend from waaay back when had a birthday bash on Friday, watching Saturday's hockey game turned into a pre-party warm up (I warmed up but skipped the party), yesterday my Dad was in town so we went for lunch and for the next few days my sister is in town so we'll be going for sushi and possibly catching the game tonight.

Know what? I can have a slack week of training, this is good for the soul!

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