Sunday, April 22, 2007

Delta Surprise

I had a surprisingly spectacular race. I had major morning gong show moments, was saved by a an awesome clubmate, discovered (as yet useless) superpower, and had a really fun time.

But first things first - my results! I would have been thrilled with 1:25:00 and finished in 1:20:45, eleven minutes better than last year's time.

My splits were:
Swim (700m): 13:24
T1: 3:46
Bike (20km): 37:27
T2: 1.05
Run (5km): 25:04

My pre-race was a total gong show but somehow everything worked out - I left the house late then had to come back as I'd forgotten something at home but there was no traffic and I arrived at exactly the time I'd planned. I went to set up in transition and realized I'd forgotten my transition towel (my super-tacky and very bright beach towel has been with me at every race except this one) but I got a highly visible spot in transition so no need for it. I had to go back to my car four times for stuff I forgot, but my heat started late. I forgot goggles but Colleen had an extra pair because she'd just read an article that said you should take two to races. I seriously owe her!

Amusingly, when Colleen and I were rushing from the pool to get the goggles, Stephanie saw the two of us and yelled out, "Alison, what did you forget?" My reputation precedes me!

Once I finally got in the water everything went smoothly. I decided to just be loose and relaxed in the water and managed to get through most of the swim with no crowding issues at all (the swim's in a 25m pool and get a bit butty). I'm getting much better with crowds in the water and figuring out where to be and how to get around people and this was a good affirmation of that. i think my superpower may also have helped me be relaxed, but more on that later.

On the bike I got into my tri bars as soon as I could and headed straight into a headwind. I misheard volunteer directions (I swear she mumbled!) and almost missed a turn - embarassing more than anything else. It was windy but managable, nothing compared to a ride I'd done recently in the Fraser Valley, and a headwind on the way out meant a tailwind on the way back.
Had a reasonably quick transition off the bike and took off out of transition at a good clip. I tried to focus on form right away and was happy that my legs weren't feeling too dead from the run. I was tired through the run but felt strong had enough energy at the end to cross the line looking strong.

This was a neat race as they start the slowest swimmers first and I actually finished before some of my super-fast clubmates got out of the water. This was great as I usually don't get to watch them race and it was fun to cheer (and occaissionally heckle) them on.

So what's my super power? The ability to fog up any goggles, regardless of how super-duper anti fog and killer expensive they are (like Colleen's new goggles she lent me). I've watched enough Saturday morning cartoons to know that even though my power seems useless and silly and the other super-powered people may mock me, the time will come when I use it to save the world and I will earn the respect and awe of all!

The totally fogged goggles did help me deal with the crowding in the pool - hard to be freaked out by crowds you can't see. Although suddenly finding deemingly dismembered feet in front of me was somewhat disturbing!

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