Friday, March 02, 2007

1 Mile Time Trial (Hey, That Rhymes!)

Last night was time trial night at Point Grey track. I wasn't feeling 100%, was wheezy and forgot my inhaler so wasn't sure how I'd deal with the workout but in the end it worked out okay (I guess I'm used to working without oxygen!).

My 1 mile time was 7:36. Not my best but better than my time of 7:44 at the beginging of February so I'm happy with the improvement. I looked up my previous 1 mile times and I hit 7:03 in October last year. Glad I looked that up after last night's run or I would likely have been going out waaay to hard!

The Workout:
Warm up:
5 laps
2 x A', B's and strides

3 x:
2min at 1mi pace on
4min active recovery

(Couple of easy laps)

1 Mile time trial:
Descended each lap

(Couple of easy laps)

8 x 30/30:
30sec HARD
30sec easy

Cool down (about 5 laps)

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