Monday, March 05, 2007

So on Sunday's run Teresa told me she had a pitbull chase her while cycling. I said that was highly impressive and asked what type of bike it was riding.

At least I amuse myself.

Weekend Workouts

Time: 2:42:32
59:66 km
Ave HR 145

Incorporated bike check for UBC duathlon into the ride. Apparently my almost non-existent brakes are a safety hazard and I have to replace them. Needed a tune up anyway

Time: 22:27
3.2 km
Ave HR 155

Good run except I lost the mail key. Doh!

20 min

Pulled out the Yamuna ball and did some body rolling. Very, very tight IT band!

250m w/u
4 x 50m build (about 45sec each, last one under)
4 x 50m at 100m pace (tried for 1min but was consistently around 55)
4 x 100m pacing lesson:
100m - 1st 25m all out, 75m at 100m pace
100m - 1st 50m all out, 50 at 100m pace
100m - 1st 75m all out, 25m at 100m pace
100m all out

300m drafting in groups of three with the last person moving to the front on the 2nd 25m of 50. We messed up and did it every 25 and I was pooped. We stopped and changed how we did it then stopped at 200m to figure out if we were supposed to do 300 or 400m (why we didn't stop at 300m to figure this out...)

150m lane changing for UBC triathlon people - switch lanes every 50m

Time: 1:45:16
Ave HR: 156

Was smart enough to deliver groaners (see opening of this post) at the end of the run.

Got home full of energy but was attacked by the couch, lost consciousness and was out for about two hours. The big pile of laundry still looms!

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Amy said...

ooo still need to do the bike check thing. On the old bike... the roads are too yuck for the new babies to go outside yet.