Wednesday, March 21, 2007


At my gym they seem to have gone through a sign-posting mania. There are now big signs in the showers saying "No spitting, shaving or brushing your teeth", which seems somewhat obvious and it's sad people need to be reminded. There is the no cellphones sign, which is largely ignored. And then the sign on the door from the changeroom to the pool stating that bathing suits are required, which of course leads one to wonder what gym members have worn, or not worn, onto the pool deck to prompt this.

However, it is the sign by the hair dryers that really grabs my attention. I wish I could ignore it but I guess it's that staring at a car wreck impulse, where you can't help but look and wonder if the wet spot on the pavement is oil or something more sinister. This is the sign that states that the hairdryers are to be used "ONLY for the hair on your head." First off ... no, I don't want to go there. Secondly ... no, we don't want to touch that either. Okay, someone had to engage in inappropriate hair dryer usage then someone had to complain about it, then someone had to decide to put up a sign about it, possibly having to consult with other people before doing so, and now everyone in the changeroom is made aware of this transgression every time they need to do their hair.

I'd like to propose a new sign: "No doing disturbing things that will prompt the Management to put up signs that will then disturb more people." That oughta cover it.


Amy said...

What gym are you at??? Vancouver Gym for People who Have no sense of common decency? Or was it a nude gym before you joined?

As for people shaving in the shower... I've seen people doing it at UBC pool... gross! But don't get me started on the trauma of that pool... ladies deep scrubbing with loofas, me flashing the maintenance guy (who was in the women's change room during busy hours)

Alison said...

I'm at the YWCA, which is supposedly catering to professionals and grown ups. Although they did let me in so who knows what their standards are. Was it Charlie Chaplin who said "I'd never join a club that would have me as a member"?