Monday, March 12, 2007


To paraphrase Austin Powers, "Who steals a shoe?"

Okay, they probably weren't stolen, someone probably (hopefully) took them by mistake. Mistakes happen. It was a cold, miserable day and people may not have been looking when they cleared out of transition. And took my bike shoes.

See, I'm being all calm and understanding. Aren't I being good! Now can I have my shoes back?

I reported it to the race people and was all nice and understanding and polite and everything, seeing as it wasn't their fault some dummy, I mean person who probably wasn't paying attention, took my shoes.

See, look at me being good. Now give me my shoes!

I mean, it isn't as if I've ever done anything mean to anyone there (at least not that I remember) and I'm always nice to the race volunteers (even the ones who think "Run faster" is an appropriate thing to say when cheering people on) and I pick up after myself and sometimes after other people (although I always leave their shoes) and I am a good person so why would someone be so mean and take them??

I WANT MY SHOES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[We regret to inform you this post has been interupted by a temper tantrum. We will resume normal blog programming as soon as the author starts to act her age.]

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