Thursday, November 16, 2006

Exclusive Photos from the Skaha Hockey Polo Training Camp

You'll only find it here on Tri'n Fool, exclusive photos from this summer's elite Skaha Hockey Polo Training Camp! Yes, the famous Skaha camp where the world's best Hockey Polo players go to hone their craft. Never before has a photographer been allowed in to catch the athletes in their super-secret training regimes but we at Tri'n Fool are willing to do what it takes to bring these images to you.

Here we have Marcus "the Mauler", the key defenceman on the Canadian National Team who is widely credited with Canada's shutout of Hockey Polo powerhouse Albania in the Under Five World Championship, and Oscar "the O-man", who this season smashed every scoring recond in the CHPL.

The practices are intense, the hours are long and the program is both physically and emotionally draining, but that's why these athletes are the best in the world!

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