Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Run and a Swim

Wednesday Run: 2.4km interval & 30-30
Run around Trafalgar Park
15 min w/u
2.4km run (2 X Trafalgar Park loop) at 1/2M pace
5min active recovery
10min of 30sec hard 60sec easy (everyone else did 30-30 but I got to go easy as I'm racing the 1/2 on the weekend)
15min w/d

Even though we had a ridiculously bad storm on Wednesday that caused mass disruptions and damage across the city we barely got wet and only suffered the occasional blast of wind.

Thursday Swim: Pull and Finish
w/u 10-12 x:
Odd 25m breast, 25m free
Even 25m back, 25m free

4 x:
25m mid scull (elbows even w/ shoulders)
25m L 3pp stroke (3 point pause - pause at entry, mid stroke, end of stroke)
25m R 3pp stroke
25m free

3 x;
25m L only
50m free
25m R only
50m free

cool down

Paul got me working on breathing at the part of the stroke, I've been breathing at the top of my stroke which is both inefficient and bad for my shoulder. I should be breathing when I finish my stroke - start to turn to my side as my arm is mid stroke and finish roll at end of stroke as I breath. Once I got over the awkwardness, this felt much smoother.

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