Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ironman 2006

I finally managed to download my photos from IMC 2006.

Here's a happy Bronwyn and some of her LETC fan club after her spectacular Ironman finish this year. Not everyone got to see Bronwyn finish because they showed up for her estimated time, which she beat by over half an hour!

After watching Bronwyn finish, there was time for a short sleep then I got up way, way too early to line up to sign up for 2007. When I showed up at 6 am, the line already had hundreds, of people in it and was winding it's way crazily through a park. Most of the people in front of me had spent the night in line. The line behind me kept getting longer and longer, it was quite comical looking at the expressions on peoples faces as they came to join the line and realized how far back it went.

After waiting in line for hours, once it started moving I was through in less than half an hour - I could have slept in!!

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