Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's the Eve of the Half Marathon Things Are Getting Steamy...

... but only because of the boil water advisory. Yes boys and girls, the word of the week is "TURBIDITY."

Luckily I'm not pressed for time the last few days and have been able to boil litres and litres (and litres) of water, making me realize how much I go through in a day. Yesterday was a little odd - no coffee in the city of Vancouver. A few brave coffee shops were purifying their water, and were overwhelmed by demand, but most didn't serve any beverages that needed tap water.

The biggest problem for me isn't boiling the water but having somewhere to put it once I've boiled it - Tupperware food containers aren't the most effect water storage solutions.

So water is a bit of a concern for tomorrow's race, but to be honest I don't have terribly high expectations after all the time I've had off sick. I'm not feeling 100% tonight either as I'm tired (way too much coffee earlier in day - making up for yesterday I guess) and still stuffed up. Just to add to the mix I'm trying out the new PowerGel and have newly purchased the 10oz water bottles for my Fuel Belt - what the heck, might as well give myself as many excuses as possible!

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