Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Swimming with a Catch

Today's workout focussed on the catch phase of the pull. I was very happy with this as it gave me a chance to build on the advice Paul gave me last week about my wrist angle at the start of my stroke.

500m w/u (200m choice, 200m alternative back & free 25's, 200m alternating drill & free 25's. Yes, that should add up to 600m, but I was late so didn't get the whole thing in.)

Sculling 2-3x:
25m scull (both arms)
25m free
10sec R
25m single arm scull (R/L)
25m free
10sec R
25m single scull w/ lat pull (R/L)
25m free
10 sec R

Scull w/ lat pull means engage lat on the scull.
Need to work on proper sculling motion - isolate motion in forearm and scoop hand to maximize pull.

Main set 2-3X:
100m free
30sec R
25m 12 kick/1 pull (superman)
25m 9/1
25m 6/1
25m 3/1 (full free)
30sec R
100m pull

Warm down.

Great swim, aside from inhaling half the pool in the superman bits. Paul's advice from last week about my wrist position at the top of my stroke made a big difference this week. Warming up I could really feel the difference it made, I felt like I had far more power in my stroke. Strangely my stroke count per 25m doesn't seem to have gone down however. I just have to be careful now not to hurt my shoulder!

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