Sunday, November 19, 2006


I had low expectations before the race. I had low expectations during the race. I was so convinced I was going to have a terrible run I set my watch to the lap timer so I could only see my time for each km, not my cummulative time, because I didn't want to get depressed. My heart rate was through the roof (ave 188, after the first 5km I don't think it went below 180) and I became convinced I was going to bonk or pass out and was shocked when I was still upright after 18km. The point where I finally realized I was having a good race was 200m from the finish line when I saw the official time clock.

My previous PR was 1:57:34. Today's time was 1:55:55. Nowhere near my goal but I knew when I set the goal I was being pretty ambitious.

I place 343rd Overall (out of 916) and 51st in my age group (out of 159).

A heck of a way to end my racing for the year.

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