Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Things are going swimmingly

Things really feel like they're getting back on track. After taking Sunday and yesterday off as rest/recovery days, I got into the pool for the first time in two weeks today. The swim was largely terrible as I'm still a bit short of breath and slow but it felt so good to be back in the water. I also signed up yesterday for the First Half half marathon in February and finished my part of the cleaning at the old house.

I'm trying to take it easy getting back into a routine, although taking two days to recover from H2H wasn't initially the plan. To be honest, the Sunday was more about recovering from the H2H party than from the relay. Yesterday I had to finish cleaning the old apartment and had no time for a run or a ride.

Tonight a workout would give me a great excuse to procrastinate in my unpacking - I'm now at the phase where what I have left are the boxes of miscellaneous stuff that I never knew where to put or that I should have ditched but couldn't quite bear to part with, and 16 boxes of books, which I can only unpack once I've decided on the final and definitive location for my bookcase. Unpacking my books is a full day's job as 1) I have to shelve them alphabetically, which is complicated by the fact that they're packed according to size (ah, the joys of OCD!) and 2) I start reading them.

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