Sunday, February 11, 2007

First Half Results

Chip time: 1:59:49.7

1st half (of the First Half!): 1:00:29
2nd half: 59:21

Very happy with both my time and my split, especially as the hill was in the second half of the race.

Official Results

Warm Up:
11 minute slow warm up run then 5 accelerations
A bit of stretching and some other exercises that were more to deal with impatience than warming up

Cool Down:
9 minute slow cool down run (also served as an escape from the insanely crowded community Centre)
Some stretching

At Alan's insistence I did the ice bath deal. Not sure how well it works several hours after the race but my muscles do feel better for having done it. If only I could stop shaking!


Amy said...

I should have done the ice bath... but the part that hurts the most is my upper back. I can't brush my hair AND I skipped swimming this morning (gasp!)

Alison said...

You and Brian have to stop having the same injuries, you're taking this whole couple thing too far!

Seriously though, take care of yourself, it's early in the season and a good time to ramp things back a bit so you can heal up and be ready to kick butt in the summer.

Good race yesterday, BTW.