Monday, February 12, 2007

Not so Super Fly

This morning's swim workout was butterfly. It was not a good morning to be doing something challenging. But then I intensely dislike butterfly so I might as well do it on a day when I'm already feeling cranky.

I was very tired from yesterday's half marathon so I had a lot of difficulty with the stroke and the workout overall, mentally and physically. According to Paul I wasn't kicking, which was frustrating as whatever I was doing was completely exhausting.

Warm up:
4 x 50m:
25m free
25m back

4 x 50m:
25m kick
25m free

4 x 50m
25m breast
25m free

something else?

3 x 150m:
25m dolphin dive with dolphin kicks
25m kick
50m pull finish and kick (lots of trouble with this one, my pull was ineffective and I had no kick. I've decided to count it a victory that I didn't drown.)
25m 2 strokes/4 kick (arms in front on kicks)
25m 2 strokes/4 kick (arms at sides on kicks)

10-12 x 50m:
25m butterfly
25m on back

Cool Down:
2 x 50m:
25m choice
25m free

Next class is benchmark day - isn't that exciting.

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